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Background Check

Get the best employee you can! Employment screening can help in the selection process of a qualified employee.

Why Should You Consider Conducting Background Checks or Pre-Screening Job Applicants?

There are a number of reasons employers should consider conducting out background checks on current or prospective employees and pre-screening on job applicants. In fact, it’s been said that in today’s business climate, employers can’t afford not to conduct checks. “Negligent hiring” can expose an employer to potential liability if it’s proven that there were negative facts in an employee’s background that the employer failed to uncover – for example, hiring a person with a history of DUIs as a delivery driver.

In addition to possible litigation, there are a number of potentially costly problems that can arise when employers choose not to conduct a background check. These problems can include:

  • Employee theft or fraud.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace.
  • Frequent tardiness or work absences.
  • On the job accidents.
  • Lack of knowledge of the job for which the person was hired because of resume inaccuracies.

To avoid these costly pitfalls, employers are encouraged to screen employees and job applicants and with our new background checking service, this task has become easier and more cost-effective than ever before.

Background Checking and Pre-Employment Screening from ANY LAB TEST NOW®

ANY LAB TEST NOW® has teamed with Background Checks Systems to offer comprehensive background checking and pre-employment screening services. Employers can choose to take advantage of package pricing that combines several different types of checking, or purchase checks in an “a-la-carte” manner.

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